It Doesn’t Add Up

Our journalists, our pundits, our academics, our leaders, ourselves, we’ve lost the plot. No one knows what’s going on, one crisis, then another, and yet another, no more hierarchies, freedom for all, no class, no nation states, nodes in a network, organizing and being organized to what end, our deepest emotions, data sold through to a back end auction. We have no grand dreams. So of course we embrace a nice stable order.

Few artists, authors, philosophers have captured my imagination in the last few years as has Adam Curtis and so spent another weekend with his work. Below an introductory article on his work and further links to his films and interviews.

Good intro article if you don’t know him.

Audio Interview (a prescient reading of OWS and the contemporary moment)

In his blog, Adam writes: “This is a website expressing my personal views
– through a selection of opinionated observations and arguments.

Adam Curtis these three films, All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, The Trap, Power of Nightmares

Adam Curtis launches his theory of news media, oh dearism (like living
in the mind of a depressed hippie)

An audio talk at story conference

Listing of all his films

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